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Write for Puppy Tales

Applications to become a Puppy Tales Contributor are open!

Are you able to provide advice, guidance, tips, tutorials or other great information to our community of dog lovers? Do you have an incredible tale to tell about your own pup?

Puppy Tales is for anyone who loves… well, DOGS!  We cover topics including:

  • The decision to get a dog & welcoming that first dog
  • Dog health & wellness
  • Dog inclusive travel, holidays & outdoor activities
  • Veterinary and nutritional advice
  • Training tips
  • Home Living and DIY dog projects
  • Dog products & news
  • Rescue and adoption
  • And lots of adorable dog photography and stories.

Please take you time to reviewing this information — it should answer any question you have about writing for Puppy Tales.

Why Write For Puppy Tales?

But first, you may be wondering why you should write for Puppy Tales and that’s a very good question.  Puppy Tales gives contributors:

  • Exposure to a new audience of more than 20,000 monthly readers and a social media presence of over 600,000 people.
  • An incredible dog loving community with which to share your knowledge, expertise or experiences AND your love of dogs.

As a Contributor, Puppy Tales will actively share and promote your articles. Through your articles on Puppy Tales, you’ll be building your profile and gaining exposure for the expertise, products or services you offer the dog community.  And, after your fourth article is published you’ll officially be added to the Puppy Tales Contributor Team. It’s a win/win for everyone!

Now, you may also be wondering, who is the Puppy Tales community (and audience for your articles).

The Puppy Tales Community adore dogs and, if they are already pet parents they most definitely consider their dog/s to be a part of the family.  They are:

  • Mostly female (80%)
  • Mostly living in Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom
  • Wanting advice, tips, guidance and ideas for living the best lives with their dog
  • Looking to ensure their dog/s live healthy and happy lives
    Wanting experiences and activities that they can do with their dogs

What we’re looking for

Dogs are our passion. Your articles should be super helpful to the Puppy Tales Community and, generally, upbeat to make their day brighter. We love articles from/about:

  • Dog / Pet professionals on caring for dogs, including vet care, grooming, training and that answer common questions or concerns about dogs
  • Real life experiences of travelling or adventures with your dog and dog friendly places or venues
  • Good relationships between dogs and people, including how dogs contribute to society and help humans.

We favour articles that are:

  • Genuine, unique and of value to our dog loving community
  • Comprehensive and in depth on a specific subject
  • Super helpful! We look for high quality information or guidance, actionable help, practical tips, how-to’s or instructions in the articles we share.  
  • Quality ‘evergreen’ articles. 

What we’re not looking for

  • If it’s not about dogs, it’s not for us.
  • One-off articles or guest posts.
  • Articles that are a sale pitch, advertisement or promotion for a place, product or service.
  • Content that’s already been published.
  • Anything that’s been covered on our site before. Please do a search of our site before submitting your articles / article ideas.
  • Anything that’s boring, been done before, overly general, plagiarised.
  • Anything that is part of a backlinking / link building campaign.
  • Anything that is offensive, inaccurate or outdated.
  • Anything that’s overly critical of individuals, products, businesses, methods, treatments, etc – Puppy Tales is not a place to be negative or air grievances.

You can review our detailed Contributor Guidelines before submitting your application both, to ensure you’re happy with our requirements and so that your application has the best chance of being successful.

Fit the bill to become a Puppy Tales Contributor?

*Please note: You will need to supply a full, original article for Puppy Tales during the application process. If you don’t have an article to submit ready, then please only start the application when you’re ready.

Ready? Head here for our Contributor Application.

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