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 Puppy Tales Photography Experiences

You know that look in your best buddy's eye... that soft, beseeching stare that makes your heart melt… Well, isn't it time to capture that look fur-ever?

Now is the time to commission some incredible photographs that distill the very essence of what your dog means to you. For a fabulous fun time (even anxious dogs unwind with us) and photos to fall in love with, have confidence in Puppy Tales Photography.

Puppy Tales Photography was born out of an obsession with dogs and desire for their best side to shine, be they tall or small, extravert or shy. To this end all our photographer sessions include:

  • Pre session questionnaire so we get to know your dog's story and how they are so incredibly special
  • A design consultation to plan the shoot so the colours and composition of the finished picture match your taste and interior design
  • Photographs taken by Australian Animal/Pet Photographer of the Year 2015 and Master of Photography, (and general all-round dog-nut) Kerry Martin
  • Tasty, nutritious snacks made by an ethical company that gives back to animal rescues
  • Meticulous editing of your photographs, including bespoke mockups of how the finished artwork will look on the walls of your home.
  • An artwork preview and consultation
  • Sharing your dog's tale on Puppy Tales and social media
  • A donation to charity: A portion of every session fee is donated

All dogs are different so we offer a range of session types. Discover which one is perfect for you and your fur friend!

A Seasonal Photography Retreat

A holiday brings out the best in us, and dogs are no different. Take a vacation with your dog and capture that special joy with evocative professional photographs.  

Puppy Tales Photography organise everything, including the retreat location, your accommodation and meals, in a beautiful, dog-friendly, outdoor setting. While you and your dog have fun, we capture the moment in vibrant colour. Relax and enjoy yourself, whilst we photograph those special moments and turn them into works of art!

Have your own accommodation at one of our seasonal destinations? Then you can certainly opt for a photography session only! Check out our seasonal destinations and retreats:

A Photography Playdate

How often have you said: "I wish I had a photo of that!" when your dog's playing with their fur-friends and you're giggling at their antics? It might be you have extended family whose dogs are all great buddies, or perhaps you keep in touch with litter mates. Or you belong to a club or training team...whatever the reason a Photography Playdate is a wonderful way to capture the magic of the moment.

Simply get together with your friends at an incredible location, and Puppy Tales will be there to photograph it all. Remember, memories are precious and one day it will be too late... Act today!

Photography Playdates are from $498. Customised to your wishes, please get in touch to chat about your Playdate requirements.

On Location Session

Does your dog have a favourite walk or a place that's special to you both, such as the 'grandparents' farm or a woodland trail?  Then consider a photography session in the environment where your dog is most relaxed and feels free to be themself.

Puppy Tales Photography can join you on location, or alternatively suggest a range of wonderful dog-friendly destinations. This option is great for the energetic, lively dog who is at their best in the outdoors, or if you just plain love being outside with your best buddy and this is the best place to picture them for posterity.

Weekdays $258, Saturdays $288
(Travel fees may apply outside 30km radius of our studio)

A Studio Session

Do you have a smaller dog who might be 'lost' in a big location or a dog who gets super distracted outdoors? Then let your dog’s personality take centre stage in the studio against our backgrounds and settings.

For some four-leggers, such as less mobile, elderly, or injured dogs the studio setting provides the paw-fect solution for quality professional photographs. However, you don't need a reason to opt for the studio, simply loving the finish of studio photography is enough. Indeed, in winter the cosiness of a studio is more predictable than the Melbourne weather (except on our snow locations of course!)

At Puppy Tales Photography our exquisite studio provides the perfect backdrop to highlight the unique personality of every dog we photograph. We have backdrops, props, accessories and stylings to cater for each unique canine character. Studio photography is also a great way to include harmonious colour to complete an interior design scheme. From the simplicity of a black or white background, to eye-catchingly colourful, to stylish rustic wood, our studio photography is a synergy of capturing character and beautiful art.

Weekdays $228, Saturdays $258
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Check out our range of background colours for studio sessions here.

Speciality Photography Sessions

Four Seasons

You love your dog come rain or shine, right?

Then why not celebrate the fact with a collection of four seasonal photographs of your dog! Taken over the course of a year: spring, summer, autumn, and winter; one in each of our stunning seasonal destinations, the result is a stunning artwork that is truly a talking point.

The price is dependent on your chosen destination, and whether you opt for getaways packages or photography sessions.

Please contact us for further details.

Growing Tales

Watch your puppy grow!

Time goes so fast, it seems just the blink of an eye and you've gone from pint-sized puppy to a sofa-sprawler. Capture that fascinating 12 - 18 months with a series of four studio sessions that follow the growth of your young dog (session schedule is based on breed and rate of growth, so as to best capture those enchanting changes).

Growing Tales Sessions $398

Growing Tales Collection (includes sessions, wallart and folio box set) also available

Dogumentary Days

Capture a 'day in the life' of your dog, with our relaxed, doggy-documentary style session. This is based around capturing those sweet moments that make sharing a day with your dog so special. We plan to spend a six or so hour day together, and capture moments with your dog at home, then head out to their favourite places to take enjoy the awesome activities they love the most. There are magical moments to be captured when we head for the park for a race around, meet up with dog friends, or share a puppuccino together. Alternatively, take a walk on the wilder side by hitting the trails, make a splash sailing, or stay closer to shore with some SUP'ing.

What is especially pleasing about this collection is the variety of shots: some posed, some candid, and some lifestyle. It is a beautiful way to record what living together means, your shared favourite things, and those adorable quirks you don't want to forget.

Session from $698
Dogumentary Collection (includes session, wallart and keepsake album) also available

Forever Sessions

Our Tribute sessions, reserved for those special occasions when there isn’t a moment to waste.

These are designed to cherish and honour the time you've spent with your pet and to help you say farewell to a critically ill or elderly pet.

Whether that pet has been part of the family for a long or short time, saying goodbye is never easy. This session aspires to capture the beautiful bond that exists with this fur-family member and mark it with treasured memories.    

Priority scheduling.

Session $188

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